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  • Daylighting — For the restoration of culverted streams to above ground channels, see Daylighting (streams). For a similar operation with transportation tunnels, see Daylighting (tunnels). A skylight providing internal illumination Daylighting is the practice… …   Wikipedia

  • daylighting — noun Date: 1929 illumination of indoor spaces by natural light …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • daylighting — n working (usually illicitly) at a second job during daylight hours. An obvious deri vation from the colloquial moonlight ing …   Contemporary slang

  • Daylighting —   The use of direct, diffuse, or reflected sunlight to provide supplemental lighting for building interiors.   ***   The use of sunlight to supplement or replace electric lighting.   California Energy Comission. Dictionary of Energy Terms …   Energy terms

  • Daylighting (tunnels) — Daylighting a tunnel is to remove its roof or overlying rock and soil, thus exposing the railway or roadway to daylight. This could also be seen as converting the tunnel to a railway or roadway cut. Tunnels are often daylighted to improve… …   Wikipedia

  • Daylighting (streams) — Here Marin Creek has been daylighted. For the use of natural light in indoor illumination, see Daylighting. For a similar operation with transportation tunnels, see Daylighting (tunnels). In urban design and urban planning, daylighting is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Daylighting control —   A control system that varies the light output of an electric lighting system in response to variations in available daylight.   California Energy Comission. Dictionary of Energy Terms   ***   A system of sensors that assesses the amount of… …   Energy terms

  • Daylight harvesting — is the term used in sustainable architecture and the building controls and active daylighting industries for a control system that reduces the use of artificial lighting with electric lamps in building interiors when natural daylight is available …   Wikipedia

  • Light tube — This article is about light tubes used for the illumination of buildings. For other uses of the phrase light tubes , see Light tube (disambiguation). Light tubes Light tubes or light pipes are used for transporting or distributing natural or… …   Wikipedia

  • Lighting — Not to be confused with lightning. For other uses, see lighting (disambiguation). Low intensity lighting and haze in a concert hall allows laser effects to be visible …   Wikipedia

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